Hi, I’m Katie. Armed with my trusty spray butter (I gave spray butter up in August 2014) salt shaker, I’ve been eating my way through frozen meals and easy-to-prepare Katie Carrico, Author of Dining at my Deskdesktop delicacies since my childhood days, when I’d talk Mom into buying me Kid Cuisines, BBQ Hot Pockets and cans of Dinty Moore Beef stew at the grocery store. I started blogging about the glory of frozen “Meals for One”, weight loss and Chicago food in 2010.

Thought to be the OG of the sad desk lunch, I’d rather take a lunch than buy one, even if it means scrounging around in my personal office fridge for tuna pouches and way-past-their-prime packets of Taco Bell hot sauce. Known to have bought a toaster for my personal office, friend to the English Muffin. In a co-dependent relationship with my FitBit, I’ve obsessively hit 10K steps/day since February 4, 2014 (update, that fell off the wagon when I met Main Squeeze). I enjoy a super slow run here and there. Hailing originally from the Quad City Area (emphasis on area), I’ve run the Bix 7 race 6 times and will keep the tradition alive for 7 in 2017.

Since meeting Dawid (aka Main Squeeze) in 2015, he’s been rocking some photos here on Dining at my Desk, since his background as a photographer has clearly been to everyone’s benefits! He’s also the best dinner chef, and after a long day at the office, he’s got my back, whipping up the best suppers, and just being the best.

Katie Carrico

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