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One Pound

And there you have it! Down 1 pound this week, for a total of 4 pounds lost. Still up .2 pounds from my low on September 21, but not bad. I went camping with my parents, grandparents, aunt and uncle over the weekend and we did a lot of walking, and I got some running in there. We also did a lot of eating…pancakes, eggs and sausages for breakfast, washed down with room temperature Tang and a few frosted blueberry strudel bites for good measure. Hey – the blueberry bites claimed they had “healthy antioxidants,” so I assume I blasted a few pre-cancerous cells just by consuming those. I’m sure one day I will be lauded for my scientific research in these matters.

In other news, Hedgeapples (or Hedgeballs, as my family and I call them) were plentiful in the park we were camping in.Hedgeapples I hear they’re supposed to keep spiders away, but I didn’t pick any. Probably should have. There was a friendly spider crawling up my bedroom wall when I got back. Ugh. Cute story – my mom and I were walking through one of the trails and some kids were playing in the woods. One of the little boys ran up to us, carrying a hedgeball and said, “Look what we found…Boogers!!!” It was awesome.

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