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TongueSpank is a local spice company started in Chicago, founded by Zack Jordan. Watch the video for a way better intro than I could give:

I was lucky enough to go to an event they had with Meal Sharing where they showcased their new line of products – liquor infusion kits. Infusing your booze will make you instantly charming and classier than all of your friends who are bringing to the table any variety of Smirnoff flavors, plus it’s good fun! I will tell you that the Winter Cheer Rum was used in my favorite drink of the night, and tasted exactly like Christmas.

TongueSpank Liquor Infusion

Here is the video explaining the liquor infusion kits. If you watch very, very carefully you might recognize a certain someone (yeah, it’s me for about a half a second):

Unfortunately the infusion kits aren’t available to ship until after the holidays, but they would make really awesome, unique gifts for birthdays or special occasions. IF you want to get in on the booze infusions, you have a tiny bit of time – their Kickstarter campaign ends tomorrow. I have to admit, I was such a fan of the Winter Cheer Rum kit, that I just backed them.

Hurry, hurry, they’re around $2,000 short of their goal, and it’d be great to see this Chicago artisan brand reach it!

Click here to go to the Kickstarter page.




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