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Uh, I don’t know if you know this, but I’m obsessed with doughnuts. I was going to add “slightly” as a qualifier, but I’d never lie to my loyal 5-6 blog readers (hi, again, Mom!). It’s a full-on fixation…and I live around the corner from my all-time favorite – Glazed & Infused, and Stan’s is a very close runner-up. It’s trouble, is what it is.

Well, today, Lindsey from Butter & Type (mmmm, butter), is bringing us these super amazing, super awesome-looking Orange Cardamom holiday doughnuts. And…this is meant to be the best of compliments – don’t they kind of remind you a bit of Homer Simpson doughnuts?

Cardamom always make me think of my Mom, and not just because it’s the last three letters of the word, but because she loves the stuff. I couldn’t tell you specifically at the moment what cardamom tastes like, but she’s always going to this fantastic bakery in Bishop Hill (side note, I’d like to quit my day job and just make soap and sell it in Bishop Hill. No, I don’t know anything about making soap) and buying cardamom rusks, which have to be the world’s worst baked good – stale bread, YUM!

Sure to taste WAY better than stale bread, try these doughnuts!


Orange Cardamom Doughnuts with Cranberry Glaze

Orange Cardamom Doughnuts with Cranberry Glaze

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