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There’s almost nothing that excites the Desktop Diner (that’s my new self-proclaimed moniker) like the prospect of free food. I have ruined many a great diet day when unexpected goodies pop up at the office…because second lunch is always better than first lunch. And if there happens to be free food at my office on a Monday morning, forget about it – I’m eating it! Now one free meal that I do plan for is “Free Bagel Friday,” provided by Einstein Bros Bagels.

Einstein Brothers Bagel

Einstein gives out free bagels on Friday. There is a coupon, which, at least for a while, was printable.  I haven’t spotted that around on the internets lately, but they sometimes pop up in the Sunday paper coupon inserts. Now, I don’t know if this is just b/c I’m a regular on FBF, but I’ve taken to telling them I have the coupon, and they comp my bagel and don’t even ask for proof that I have the coupon. I always make sure I have it, but you could try this strategy if you don’t have the coupon. The worst that would happen is they make you pay for your bagel and you’re out 79 cents.

While Free Bagel Friday is great, and I love Einstein for giving away free food, this does not include their pricey shmears. If you want to add cream cheese to your free bagel, be prepared to hand over $1.50. Ummmm, really Einstein? I can buy a whole brick of cream cheese at the grocery store for 99 cents and shmear at least 6 bagels! The Desktop Diner doesn’t fall for such nonsense, and therefore, I BYOSB (bring my own spray butter). There’s nothing that complements a warm toasty bagel quite like a dousing of sprayable butter. Notice that the picture above shows a dry bagel, free of the embarrassing amount of buttery spray I pumped onto that poor defenseless bagel immediately after this photo was taken. Occasionally I’ll ditch the spray butter and splurge on the WeightWatchers single serving cream cheese cups (1 point/cup). Making my own cream cheese shmear is cost effective for my pocketbook, and for my WW points.

Friday’s bagel was a Pretzel bagel and contained 270 calories, 5 grams of fat and 2 grams of fiber, making it a hefty 5 WW points. I usually try not to spend so many points on a breakfast, but I think you’ll remember that I love free food and am totally willing to blow a few extra points on FBF. Coupled with a cup of coffee and a mountain of work, there is no better way to start your Friday at your desk.

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