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Hi there, everybody!! Today’s recipe would be awesome for those holiday brunches y’all are probably planning. Now, “brunch” around my house on Christmas morning usually consists of the world’s longest present opening extravaganza, with many, many trips to the porch for Christmas cookies, a cup of coffee or six, and someone pouring the tiniest shot glass of eggnog when one of us says “Yeah, I’ll take a little eggnog.” And let’s not forget the locking of the sliding glass door behind the poor soul who went out to the porch to get a cookie.

But I digress. Let’s talk about these awesome Prosciutto Egg Cups from BreAnna of Crafty Coin, basically the coolest blog ever. I don’t know if you know this about me, but I used to be a crazy coupon lady, and BreAnna’s blog is all about saving money and living well. It’s right up my alley. She always lists the prices of the ingredients in her blog, so I’m going to keep her tradition alive for those of my cost-conscious readers.

Happy brunching!!

Prosciutto Egg Cups

Prosciutto Egg Cups


  • 2 slices prosciutto (28 g): $1.00
  • 4 large eggs (200 g): $.56
  • 1/2 roma tomato (50 g): $.11
  • 1 handful diced red onion (30 g): $.06
  • 8 spinach leaves (15 g): $.14
  • Salt, to taste: $ practically zilch
  • Pepper, to taste: $ basically nada

For the rest of the recipe and instructions, please visit BreAnna at Crafty Coin. It’s a good place to visit :)

Prosciutto Cups with Eggs

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To be honest, you can eat this for lunch or dinner, even for a snack. It’s got quinoa (what IS quinoa? I read the entire first paragraph of the Wikipedia entry and still didn’t understand), which I cannot get enough of lately, and a poached egg, which is one my true food loves. Throw some salt and pepper on this, and it’s a real thing. Even though I’m confused about quinoa, I know they put it in everything at Protein Bar, so it’s gotta be good. This breakfast bowl keeps me full for awhile, and fits into the Weight Watchers Simple Start plan.

Quinoa Breakfast Bowl


At this point I know what you’re thinking – why do these photos look so good? My only answer is they were taken using the magical powers of sunlight, the one thing that can’t be found in my office or in the average Chicago garden apartment.

Here is the official recipe for the Quinoa Breakfast Bowl, in case you’d need such a thing.

Quinoa Breakfast Bowl


  • Quinoa (tri-colored quinoa is pretty fun)
  • Egg
  • Optional: anything else you’d want to put in, like green onions, spinach, tomatoes – you know, whatevs.


Cook the quinoa. It takes approximately 20-25 minutes, so cook a bunch, because who has time for THAT? If you’re using leftover quinoa, put a big scoop into a bowl and microwave for 1 minute, then salt and pepper it (a lot). Ok, you also should have started boiling some water at this point for your poached egg. Once the water is boiling, drop an egg in it, eyeball it for doneness, and bring it out of the water with a slotted spoon. Put it on your quinoa. Take a picture, photo edit, write a blog, eat. It really is delicious.

Quinoa Egg Breakfast Bowl

Quinoa with egg




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I’m getting in that winter mode where I cannot for the life of me tell you what the actual date is. I can generally tell you the day of the week, but the corresponding numerical date has been lost on me until spring. I know there are weekends, but they’ve been assigned “first, second, second to last and last.” So, anyway, it seems weird when I have to write down the date…like in a blog title.

Dining at my Desk

Alright, let’s look at this lunch! Look at all that food! Unlike some people who subsist on mere snacks, like a handful of nuts or a piece of string cheese for lunch, I’m into volume eating. One of the best parts about being on Weight Watchers is that this is actually encouraged. Of course, you’re supposed to fill up on fruits and veggies, so if that’s what I have to do to get into Camille Grammer shape, well, damn it, I suppose….I mean, ah crap, I can at least try. So I went grocery shopping over the weekend, and instead of just piling my groceries on the counter and then watching crappy reality tv for an extended bit, I put everything away, and then forced myself to prepare and portion out healthy options for this coming week. And then, in a stroke of sheer genius, I even wrote myself a note so that I wouldn’t forget all these healthy snacks in my fridge, like I’m so often wont to do.

I used my new favorite method of hard boiling and peeling eggs from my new favorite pastime (hint, hint – it’s Pinterest), I packed up some multicolored peppers (on sale at Aldi for $1.39/3 pack this week), threw in one of those Starkist tuna salad pouches I’m obsessed with, plunked down a handful of grape tomatoes (also from Aldi), and served this up with some fat free ranch (not nearly as good as the “light,” but I bet Camille Grammer doesn’t even know what salad dressing is) and whatever that mango wasabi stuff is. I found it on clearance the other day at Jewel, and being unable to resist red clearance tags in combination with 5 calorie/serving wasabi, made this exciting purchase. Yeah, it’s a little weird, but research shows me that a cranberry wasabi sauce is also available, and I would really like to try it!

Alright, let’s break this down – 2 pts/egg + 2 pts for the tuna salad + 0 pts for the veggies + 0 pts if you use the ranch sparingly + 0 pts for the wasabi + 0 pts for the ketchup for the eggs (DISCLAIMER – I eat a ton of ketchup. Yes, I realize that it’s all sugary and probably deceptively high in points. I also realize that in the grand scheme of things, if I were to count my ketchup points, I would be a horrible person to be around. It’s a give and take, people. I also apply this theory to spray butter and fat free coffee creamer. Let’s put it this way – I’m no stranger to the pleasures of Taco Bell, McDonalds, KFC and every comfort food, candy, cookie and alcoholic beverage known to man. Trust me – it’s not the ketchup that’s making me fat). Anyhow, that’s a 6 pt lunch, and it looks kind of pretty and fulfilled my volume consumption requirements.

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