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As I mentioned before, I didn’t start my diet until Tuesday – meaning that I could live out my food fantasies all weekend long. I stuffed my face with plenty of goodies and “non-lite” alcoholic beverages and ate whenever and whatever I wanted – chips and dip, (real) buttered toast, wedding cake, hamburgers, sweet rolls, potato salad, brownies, pizza – no food was left uneaten. But I chose one last special meal Monday evening before I hopped back on the wagon…something so disgustingly awesome that it makes me shiver in both horror and pleasure…

Can you guess what it was?

Sorry arteries!

Oh yeah, that’s right – chicken, on top of chicken, on top of chicken. I got this exact box, except that in my delirious, chicken-ordering state, I didn’t realize the box came with 2 sides and inadvertently blurted out “coleslaw” when asked what I wanted my sides to be, so I got 2 coleslaws when I really would have preferred 1 slaw and 1 mashed potato. No matter – it was all extremely excellent…the biscuit slathered in butter, the many chicken varieties slathered in bbq and honey mustard.

Don’t worry, I didn’t stop my eating with just that itty bitty 1200 calorie/65 grams of fat meal…later in the evening, when my roommate and I were watching Bachelor Pad (I miss you, Weatherman!), I actually said to her “Don’t let me fall asleep before I eat the leftover macaroni and cheese, apple pie and brownies” that were leftovers from the weekend. When your roommate is waking you up so that you can force more food down before Diet Day, you know you have a very special bond.

As of yesterday, I’m back on track with the diet and exercise, and I expect the only place I’ll be eating extra crispy chicken skin is in my sweet, sweet dreams.

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A few friends and I went for Korean BBQ at Cho Sun Oak in North Center last weekend. It was my first experience with Korean BBQ, which usually consists of meat cooked on a grill or stove at your table. We had a four person table without a grill/stove, so they brought one out. We opted for the marinated beef, which came with banchan (side dishes) and rice. The meat was cooked in a stone pan and was served with rice.

Here’s what the banchan looked like (click the photo to read the captions):


And here’s the meat cooking in the stone pan:

Korean BBQ

And the final product:

Marinated Beef with Rice

We ordered a marinated beef meal off the “Tabletop Cooking for Two” menu, even though there were 4 of us.  We also ordered the fried dumplings as an appetizer and a veggie/beef noodle dish, but steered clear of the cow ankle tendon soup. Between the beef, noodles, dumplings and banchan we were full, but not stuffed enough to avoid Baskin-Robbins on the way home :)

The service was a little spotty, and the waitress didn’t appear to speak an abundance of English. We kept waiting for her to come and combine all of our banchan, meat and rice and the end of the meal to make tabletop fried rice, but apparently that only happens when you order the NON-marinated beef… The marinated beef was so good, but the banchan was kind of strange. I tried almost everything, and I wouldn’t say I loved any of it. The place was packed, and it’s definitely a fun and different dining experience. The price was very reasonable ($13/person, including tip) and the food was tasty.

Cho Sun Ok | 4200 N. Lincoln Avenue, Chicago, IL | 773-549-5555

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