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As I approached yesterday’s scale date, I had mixed feelings. I wasn’t sure if I was going to have lost weight or not, and IHow Much Does Mr. Ed Weigh? hadn’t weighed myself for a few days.

Truth is, I had quite a weekend. My grandparents celebrated their 65th anniversary, and our whole family gathered at a hotel to celebrate. There was eating, drinking and a wicked game of Family Feud. High points of the weekend included me ordering the low-cal/fat Dragonfire Chicken instead of a sandwich or burger at TGI Friday’s, ordering a steak with fresh veggies and subbing rice pilaf for “loaded mashed potatoes” for lunch on Sunday, and getting in 2 workouts in the hotel’s exercise room on Saturday and Sunday. Low points included 2 pieces of Papa John’s pizza replete with Papa’s love potion (aka, the garlic butter sauce), a couple margaritas and a “snack-sized” Reese’s PB cup McFlurry.

I definitely made some good choices, and I definitely caved to a few of my cravings. So…how did the week pan out on the scale?

Thankfully pretty well! I am down another 1.8, for a total of 4.2 pounds in 2 weeks. Only 10.8 to go!

This week is going to be nuts, and I fear I could be topping the “Roseanne” mark on that awesome celebrity scale above for next week’s weigh-in. I had dinner with my brother last night at Rick Bayless’s Xoco (Dining Away from the Desk post coming soon), I am planning martinis for this evening, tomorrow is a Cub’s rooftop game (all I can eat and drink…good lord, it’s A LOT) and I am going out of town this weekend, which could get dangerous. I’m going to try to squeeze in as many workouts as I can, but let’s face it, if I’m up past 10 p.m., there is v. little chance I’ll actually get up in the morning to work out…especially when I have a fresh transfusion of passion fruit martinis flowing through my veins. We’ll just have to see how next week’s weigh-in goes. I’m hoping it’s not too terrible, but seems like it could get ugly.

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I know my 5 loyal readers (hi!) have been nervously awaiting this post. I made a promise to get back on track, and after one grotesque last meal, I started back on Weight Watchers last Tuesday, making yesterday my date with the scale.

So….how did I do? I lost 2.4 pounds, which would look exactly like 2.4 of these:

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How awesome is that?! I tracked all my points last week, albeit with some guesstimating when all the Sangria on Saturday made it hard to accurately keep track :) I also worked out 5 days, meaning I racked up about 25 Activity Points, which I used every last one of. My favorite treat of the week was a cheeseburger on a pretzel bun with a side of curly fries and a delicious, on the rocks, tons of salt margarita. My least favorite meal – a new crockpot recipe for “Chicken Mushroom Stew” out of the Fix it and Forget it crockpot recipe book (sadly not written by Ron Popeil). I absolutely LOVE crockpot cooking, but there was not nearly enough bang for my buck with this recipe. It was very Points-conscious though.

I’ll keep updating you weekly. Only 12.6 to go for my 15 pound goal!

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