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I’ve finally become the famous blogger I hinted I’d be in November 2013. A mere year later, I’ve been quoted in the November issue of Health Magazine as part of a frozen food review feature. The section I’m quoted in deals with how to turn frozen food into five star meals.

Health Magazine November 2014

Bring on the speaking engagements; I’ll clear my schedule. I think maybe, quite possibly, this is the push I need to finally reach the bare minimum Google AdSense cash out threshold. That’s still $50, right? Looks like someone’s retiring early!

Dining at my Desk Health Magazine November

In all seriousness, it is exciting to be recognized for eating a TON of frozen meals-for-one over the years. I actually take my own advice if I’m eating a frozen meal for dinner – at the office it’s harder to make a frozen meal much more than it is. At home, you can perk up a frozen meal with whatever you’ve got on hand to make it a bit more enticing. It may not be clear from the Health blurb, but my advice is to is to take a frozen meal that may work as a lunch for one, and make it a side dish for two paired with a protein. For example, that same calorie-conscious macaroni and cheese frozen meal-for-one works great as a dinner side when you’re making dinner for two. Instead of serving a box of mac and cheese with your chicken breast or pork chop, you’re way ahead of the calorie curve if you split an already portion-controlled meal, and you’ll save time.

Now these are the types of pro tips that make you famous.


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