Chew & Review – An Ode to Nonni’s Biscotti

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Sometimes you just have to admit when you’re wrong, and for years I’ve been dead wrong about biscotti. You see, I previously thought I did not like it at all – who wants to eat an explosion-of-crumbs, dry cookie-stick? I know I didn’t. And then, as sometimes happens when you’re a tremendously famous food blogger, I got sent two boxes of Nonni’s biscotti, and was suggested to try them with coffee. So I did, AND MY WORLD HAS NEVER BEEN THE SAME!!!!!!!!!!!

Nonni's Biscotti

You guys! Biscotti and coffee is SO GOOD. It’s SO good. When you dunk the biscotti into the coffee, the chocolate on the bottom gets a bit melty, the cookie stick gets soft, and there are no crumbs. And it tastes amazing. Biscotti without coffee is like trying to eat an Oreo without milk. So much better together.


So now I’ve got these boxes of biscotti on my desk at work, and I basically can’t stop thinking “Is it time for a biscotti?”, “Should I eat a biscotti now, or should I eat a biscotti later?”, and “This biscotti only has 110 calories, that’s hardly anything, I’m going to eat a biscotti.”

I sampled two flavors, the Cioccolati and the (LIFE CHANGING) Salted Caramel. Unfortunately, my photo shoot with the Salted Caramel was a complete disaster, but since you’ve been good and you  promise not to tell anyone, I’ll share some of those horrible shots with you for a laugh. 

Ok, so there’s this one – arguably not completely horrid, but that mug…while very cute IRL, is just not all that great in a photo. It looks…crazy. It’s got crazy eyes.

Biscotti on mug

But then, oh boy, there’s THIS ONE:


Hahahahaha. Literally laughing out loud at that. Alright, I’m gonna go eat some biscotti. 

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