Recipe of the Day: Day 21, Vánočka – Czech Braided Christmas Bread

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

I have to say, ever since visiting last March, I have quite the love affair with Prague going on. Prague is this beautiful, fairy-tale city, untouched by war, so all of the buildings and structures are original to the city. I happened to be visiting during Easter, when the Easter markets were in full swing, and I was taking full advantage of the cheap hot wine. Yes, by the way, Prague is very cheap to visit, so if you want to go to Europe and not spend a TON, visit Prague. Hey, my friend Becky lives there, and she’ll probably let you stay with her. Think of all the money you’ll save.

Today’s recipe is Vánočka, a braided brioche bread with raisins, typically served during Christmas in the Czech Republic. I haven’t actually tried this, nor have I made it, but I love Prague so much, that maybe I’ll whip this up for the C-Family during Christmas. I mean, how hard is it to braid 6 different raw bread dough ropes together? Psshhh, I got this, particularly when I have to wear a white apron and headscarf and not talk to anyone while I’m making it. And don’t mind me while I’m jumping up and down while the dough rises. All in a day’s work, according to Czech traditions, according to 196 Flavors, who is helping me bring this tradition to your house.

So let’s get down to business, and start making the brioche. Besides, jumping up and down will be the most activity I’ve done in a couple of weeks.




        6 cups flour
        10 tablespoons sugar
        1/2 cup butter, at room temperature
        1 tablespoon yeast
        1 cup lukewarm milk
        1 yolk
        1 teaspoon salt
        1 lemon rind
        3 tablespoons raisins

1 egg

For the full recipe and instructions, please visit the really cool people over at 196 Flavors! And if you want photographic evidence that I was REALLY in Prague, just keep scrolling…

vanocka-1 Vanocka - Czech Bread

Prague 2 Prague Prague 3

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  1. I have some hard-to-please friends who rave about Prague, so I’m sure it must be amazing. They rate it right up there with Paris, London, and Milan. Thanks for promoting this recipe; it looks delicious!

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