Chicken, Artichoke & Gouda Portobello Mushroom Pizzas

Thursday, June 20, 2013

It’s been so long since I’ve blogged, and I blame it entirely on one thing, and one thing only:

Candy Crush Saga

If you’ve fallen into the Candy Crush Saga rabbit hole, you know how deep it really goes. I recently spent $4 on extra moves to beat a level in the 200s- this coming from the girl who hems and haws in the grocery store checkout lane, debating whether an extra $1.39 can be spent on a pack of gum. Hours fly by, lives regenerate, and when you just can’t wait, you can ask your high school acquaintances for more! How social! (Actually you can just set the clock forward on your mobile device to get more lives – two hours usually does the trick, unless you paid $16 for the 8 live regenerator, which I did, in which case you’ll want to go 4 hours).

The moral of this story – if you don’t yet have Candy Crush on your phone, go ahead and keep it that way if you enjoy your free time and relative sanity. If you have plenty of free time and are a little nuts to begin with, you can get Candy Crush on Facebook, or your iPhone, iPad or Android device. It’s free – until you can’t beat a level.

Wait, what was I talking about? Oh yeah, blogging and my lack thereof. Sorry, all that talk of Candy Crush made me want to sneak in a few games. Now that I have some free time before my lives regenerate, I can tell you about my renewed and reinvigorated love of Weight Watchers and the fancy schmancy, low-points meals I’ve been whipping up. Oh, and I got a toaster oven, which I honestly don’t know how I lived without. It’s a tiny oven, akin to an Easy Bake. I never had an Easy Bake when I was a kid, so it’s no wonder why I just adore the crap out of my new toaster oven. Besides toasting and baking, it broils – the very secret to melty, browned cheese, like the kind in the Chicken, Artichoke & Gouda Portobello Pizzas I made the other day.

Chicken, Artichoke & Gouda Portobello Mushroom Pizzas

Chicken, Artichoke & Gouda Portobello Mushroom Pizzas

When you’re really counting your points, you’re constantly hungry looking for ways to eat what you really want without using a ton of points. And what I want, all the time, unequivocally, is pizza. I’ve had my share of  different skinny pizza crusts – English muffin (2 points) and sandwich thin (3 points), but what I’d never used as “crust” before was a 0 point portobello mushroom cap. It rocked. As my new roommate put it “this tastes like something you would pay a lot of money for at a restaurant.” True, but the best part of these pizzas is that they really are skinny. You can eat one of these bad boys for approximately 4 – 5 points, depending on how fancy you want to go.

Chicken, Artichoke & Gouda Portobello Mushroom Pizzas |

Chicken, Gouda & Artichoke Portobello Pizza

Chicken, Artichoke & Gouda Portobello Pizzas

  • Portobello Mushroom Caps
  • Sliced Gouda Cheese
  • Artichoke Hearts in Water
  • Diced, Cooked Chicken Breast
  • Jarred spaghetti sauce
  • Italian seasoning
  • Garlic salt
  • Red pepper flakes
  1.  Thoroughly wash the mushroom caps (a step I kind of half-assed)
  2. Remove the stem portion of the mushroom (should just kind of pop off with a little prying)
  3. Flip mushroom on its back so the underside is up; spread spaghetti sauce (as little or as much as you’d like – I like mine pretty saucy) over mushroom, making sure the sauce doesn’t go over the edges of the mushroom.
  4. Sprinkle diced chicken and artichokes over the sauce; sprinkle with garlic salt, Italian seasoning and red pepper flakes
  5. Top with a slice of gouda and another sprinkle of herbs.
  6. Place in parchment lined baking sheet in toaster oven or regular oven (make sure your parchment is not touching the heating elements of your toaster oven). Bake at 375 degrees for about 12 – 15 minutes, or until the mushrooms start giving off some liquid and the cheese is melty.
  7. Switch over to the broiler setting and broil for a few minutes, until cheese is nice and brown.
  8. Eat!!

Again, you can eat one of these for approximately 4-5 points, depending on how much you stuff into your mushroom. These little pizzas are truly delicious, and one or two with a side salad is the perfect dinner.

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