What’s for Lunch? June 6, 2012

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Um, I finally entered the 2000ies and got a smart phone. Not that the dumbphone wasn’t great – obviously it’s awesome to take 1000x longer to text because your inbox is always 99% full, not have access to your email, and not be able to take pictures!

But now I’ve got a super smart, fancy phone with what appears to be a really great camera. I mean, look at this salad (which I totally made at my desk)! You might not be able to see it once WordPress shrinks it down (click to enlarge), but the details are spectacular! I can count the grains of pepper!

So long dumbphone, and look forward to much, much better pictures from now on!

ps. I just went to New Orleans WITH the smartphone (well, and some friends) and I’ll be posting a very special Dining Away from the Desk: New Orleans soon…ish!

Desktop Salad

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