What’s for Lunch? Monday, February 6

Monday, February 6, 2012


That, kids, is what I imagine many of you suffered through during your precocious child years and awkward adolescent phase(s) in public school, your last your “oops, I had to have my stomach pumped” hospital stay or perhaps what they served up at the retirement village during grandkids’ day. This celebrated dish is previously frozen salisbury steak with something of a gravy and garlic Cream of Wheat mashed potatoes.

And if you’re not yet convinced that I dine at a desk instead of at the old folks home well, I don’t think this next picture will help things.


Mmmm. Strawberry sugar free Jello, with the last dredges of some Cool Whip on top. For the 30 year old that longs to run in the 70+ circles. Note the ancient pink Tupperware. Step in the right direction.

Also of note is the leaky plastic Baggie (sorry, the iPad REALLY wants to capitalize Baggie. See?) of dill pickle spears. That thing leaked all over my fridge, desk, etc…and everything all day had the pungent smell of pickle.

Total cost of today’s lunch: 4ish WW points pluses and the last hopes of a wasted youth.

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