Recipe-A-Day Revisited!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Perhaps you remember this, from a little over a year ago:

“It’s recently occurred to me that the holidays are approaching and many people entertain friends and family at their National Lampoons Christmas Vacationhomes. If you’re comfortable cracking open a veggie tray and baking up some mini quiches from Costco, that’s cool. I’ve never turned down a dipped vegetable or mini quiche, so don’t feel bad if you opt for these quick crowd-pleasers. But, if you feel like you’re up for the challenge of making appetizers, main courses and desserts for your crowd, I hope you’ll keep visiting my blog every day until 2011 for a new recipe everyday.

Here’s my disclaimer – I spend a lot more time reading recipes than making recipes, so some of these could turn out to be great big, giant flops. There will probably be a total of 0-1 original recipes submitted by me, so I’m giving advance kudos to my fellow food bloggers for unknowingly submitting their recipes and photos to my blog. Of course, I imagine I’ll send loads of traffic to their sites, and for you, my loyal 12 subscribers, you might find some more cool food blogs to subscribe to. If I happen to make a great recipe I’ll be sure to post it, and if I make any of the recipes I post, I’ll post an update to let you know how it turned out.”

It started out fairly well, and brought you such recipe gems like Little Lemon Snow Bites (my  new favorite Christmas cookie):

Little Lemon Snow Bite Cookies

Chili & Cornbread (IN A JAR!):

Chili & Cornbread in Jar

and Slow Cooker Lasagna (one of my favorites):

Slow Cooker Lasagna

And then things took a real downward turn, and ended with me blogging away on New Year’s Eve Day, and into the night.

Well, this time, things are going to be DIFFERENT! I’m going to seriously blog a recipe a day. It really doesn’t seem that hard, right? And if I get it together, maybe I can blog in advance, and schedule out my posts. This probably won’t happen, but there’s always hope. Anyway, to keep things fresh, look for a separate blog post with your first holiday recipe later in the day!



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