Chew and Review: Healthy Choice Top Chef-Inspired Cafe Steamers, Chicken Linguini with Red Pepper Alfredo

Thursday, November 17, 2011


I’m trying my first iPad review from the WordPress app – fancy!

So, I watch a LOT of crap TV; this is not news. What is news is that Top Chef is back with a new season on Bravo, and, man, do I not like that denim dress Padma’s wearing in the promos. I’d actually rate Top Chef in the classier category of crap shows I watch. If you haven’t seen it, it’s pretty great, and it’s produced a lot of celeb chefs over the seasons. If you come to my house, you’ll even find photos of Kevin and Mike from the Las Vegas season on my fridge from the time when the Top Chef tour rolled into town ON MY BIRTHDAY! Dreams really do come true, kids.

You can only imagine my delight when Healthy Chice teamed up with Top Chef to create a line of Cafe Steamers. Oh, the joy! I marched into Target last week with my “buy 2 HC meals, get a Top Chef Steamer free” coupon and picked up this Linguini thing and some other one that I can’t remember now because I’m on the train.

I was pretty pumped for today’s lunch, because dining at my desk is clearly the best part of the workday, and I was excited to try the Top Chef inspired entree. Since I’m totally back on track with Weight Watchers (since, uh, Tuesday), I was happy to see this only had 6 Points Pluses, meaning I can more liberally soak myself in booze later, or at least not feel as bad about it.

So…my take on the whole thing? A real snooze fest. I did my best Padma impression while I ate (totally flat and monotone) and tried to think what Tom Colicchio would say. I’ve come up with this: “pass the salt and the spray butter.” Yeah, forget about the perfectly seasoned dishes they make on the show – this dish would have fallen squarely in the middle of the pack in a Quick Fire challenge. It wasn’t bad, it was just very…expected. Snore.

I am still looking forward to trying that other one on my freezer, and all of them, really, so look forward to more chew and reviews (and possible tipsy train blogging!).

Healthy Choice Top Chef-Inspired Cafe Steamers, Chicken Linguini with Red Pepper Alfredo

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