Dining Away from the Desk – Something New @ Taco Bell!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Ok, so it’s not like it’s fine dining around here all the time. Maybe you’re new to the blog – I eat a lot of frozen food whilst sitting at my desk, and I’m still working on eating those 40 cans of soup I bought for a quarter. Let me tell you, I think I bought even more soup during that soup-free-for-all, and I’ve got quite a few cans of split pea and ham left. If I average two cans of this stuff a week…hmmm, yep, I think I’ll still be sitting pretty by the time 2012/zombie apocalypse rolls around.

But I digress. This post isn’t supposed to spark a lively, yet intellectual, debate on the Mayan calendar, or how horribly John Cusack has aged. It’s not even about zombies. It’s about…Salsa Verde packets at Taco Bell!!!

Imagine, if you will, taking a beautiful, 3-hour Easter Sunday drive from back home to Chicago with your best guy friend. Imagine, also, that you have eaten approximately your own body weight in ham just a few hours before, there’s a full bag of Reese’s Pieces eggs in your purse, and you’re also happily munching on chocolate chip cookies that your friend’s mom made. You’re loving life, until you pass a billboard for the Taco Bell in Peru, IL. Suddenly the candy and cookies have lost all of their appeal, and you both decide that splitting a Chalupa combo meal is possibly the most brilliant idea anyone could have on Easter Sunday. In fact, you’re both so stoked that you’ve made a clever new nickname for it – “Easter Supreme.” By the time you’ve pulled around to the second window, your heart is beating wildly, and you can’t wait to get your hands on some fried dough and sawdust meat. You’re about to be on your merry way to munching on your beef Chalupa Supreme, when the friendly Taco Bell employee asks if you’d care for any sauce with your meal. Hurriedly, you say “just give me an assortment,” and he gives you….this!!!!!!!!!:

Taco Bell Salsa Verde

Behold Taco Bell’s new Border Salsa Verde! Apparently this new sauce packet has been available since mid-October, but yesterday was the first day I witnessed its glory. They also have a new fire-roasted salsa packet, and the nice employee was kind enough to throw it into our sauce assortment, but I was too busy loving on the salsa verde. It has a bit of an odd look to it – kind of a clear-ish green glaze with opaque green bits in it, but it tastes great! It’s a nice alternative to the mild, medium and hot sauces, and comes in that beautiful green packaging. The next time you find yourself in the drivethru at TB on a major holiday, I definitely recommend you ask for some verde packets. Or perhaps you’d like to connect with the green stuff on Facebook



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  1. Adam Singer says:

    LOL Carrico – who knew! BTW – Taco Hell = soooo gross :)

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