Chew & Review – Healthy Choice Thai Style Chicken and Vegetables

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Whaaat? Is it possible that the last time I hit you with a Chew & Review was in September? Wow, I really apologize. I know you feel neglected, plus how will you know what to eat on your New Year’s resolution diets? I’m just a tad late buckling down on my diet (and let’s not even start on my NY resolution to start washing my face before bed), but I figure February 1st is better than never.

So, how were everyone’s holidays? Did you eat a ton of cookie breakfasts like I did? Followed by cookie snacks, cookie lunches, cookies with afternoon coffee, cookies pre-dinner, cookies for dinner and cookies post-dinner? And let’s not forget the cookie midnight snacks. Thank god the holidays are over…but I just put in my Girl Scout cookie order.

In order to keep myself from getting too jiggly, I’ve been eating a lot of portion-controlled frozen meals in hopes to counteract the effects of the above paragraph. It’s kind of been working – I somehow unbelievably didn’t gain too much holiday weight. But then I threw out my back doing laundry and have been MIA from the gym for a few weeks. Good news – back is doing better. Bad news – snowmg is coming, meaning I probably can’t get to the gym for another few days. But I plan to do a lot of shoveling, which I hear is great for the back.

The Healthy Choice Thai Style Chicken and Vegetables Cafe Steamer has 240 calories, 3.5 grams of fat, 34 grams of carbs, 5 grams of fiber and 18 grams of protein. On the new Weight Watchers Points Plus program (which I love, btw), this clocks in at 6 points.

Healthy Choice Thai Style Chicken and Vegetables

Described as “Chicken Tenderloins with Whole Grain Pasta and Vegetables in a Sweet and Mild Curry Sauce.” So much for listing off what the vegetables actually are. I can exclusively tell you that there are carrot and yellow squash strips, and a whole bunch of green onions. Whether of the pearl or green variety, HC never skimps on the onions.

Healthy Choice Thai-Style Chicken & Vegetables

I actually enjoyed this meal. It’s steamed with a green curry sauce that is pretty mild. Curry is delicious, but I know that some people don’t like it (weirdos). If you’re not familiar with curry, this could be an okay way to cut your teeth on it. Overheard in the office after heating it up – “You can really smell the curry in that…reallllly smell the curry.” You may want to keep that in mind.

The chicken is…you know, standard frozen meal quality. This was actually my second time eating this meal, and I found something hard in a piece of the chicken today. It grossed me out and then made me unhappy that I have yet another one of these in my freezer (I had some great coupons, but Target didn’t have a great selection). But we all know that you take your lumps with frozen meals, and by the time I finished this, I didn’t mind. It’s a decent size, and I like that it’s served with noodles instead of rice.

Overall, this will probably not be one of my standard weekly go-to meals, but I’m sure I’ll keep it in the monthly rotation. It has a lot of flavor and is a nice change of pace to some of the more standard frozen options.

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