Weekly Weigh-in: October 5

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Weight LossIn an amazing weight loss triumph, I managed to lose .2 pounds this week. Yes, that’s point-2, not an actual 2 pounds. Wow, what glory.

Let’s examine my progress:

September 14: Down 2.4 pounds

September 21: Down 1.8, total 4.2 pounds

September 28: Fell off the wagon face-first into a mountain of Home Run Inn pizza and Pei Wei. Luckily a giant cinnamon roll cushioned my fall – up 1.4, total 2.8

October 5: Down .2 pounds, total 3 pounds.

Ok, so I’m still up 1.2 from September 21, but down 3 pounds overall – not terrible. Weight loss is not a race, as my diet buddy sister-in-law points out. She writes poems occasionally, and is the current poet laureate of getting skinny. Look at this awesome poem she wrote, entitled

An Ode to Weight Loss

My belt is now on its tightest loop
If it wasn’t for that my pants would droop

My calves have really started to burn
I keep telling myself it’s no cause for concern

I’m not hungry all day long
Hopefully I’m not doing anything wrong

My body is changing to a new shape
Which no longer makes me want to wear a cape

The treadmill beckons me to train
And it doesn’t feel like such a strain

My goal: shirt buttons to the top
Still a bit tight though, so it’s no time to stop

I think of food both day and night
But I’ve learned to keep it out of sight

Soon I hope to shrink a whole size
And then you will see the joy in my eyes

Skinny me is on its way
Hopefully my mind will stay to play

Thanks to my Sis in law for all the help
And for not making me eat stuff like kelp

I could not take this journey without you
I hope you feel the same way too!

Now who wouldn’t love to get that in their inbox during the day?!? I just have to add a few lines to it…

I started writing this blog to divulge
my endless fight against the battle of the bulge

Every pound lost is like 3 pounds for your joints
Oh man, to lose that weight I’m going to have to track my Points

In order to get skinny I’ll have to limit my eating
but skipping the afternoon office treats can feel quite defeating

I sometimes wonder if my roommate imagines doing me bodily harm
when I try to work out in the morning, but keep hitting snooze on my alarm

I’m hoping when I’m done, my pants will feel loose
Did you know there’s 110 calories in just one cup of juice?

I’ve got an awesome sister-in-law that is my diet friend
and I know we’ll be on this weight loss journey, together, until the end.

Now if that doesn’t make you want to subscribe to my blog, I don’t know what will.

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