September is the new January

Friday, September 10, 2010

When I was physically going to Weight Watchers meetings, I once heard my group leader say “September is the new January.” This thought made total sense to me. After a long carefree summer, there’s something about getting back into the routine and back on track that feels a little bit like starting a New Year’s resolution. And, for me, the Tuesday after Labor Day was the perfect day to start Weight Watchers again.

Tuesdays have been my official weigh-in day since I started Weight Watchers in February, 2007. I started the program up about 25 pounds from where I’m currently at, and at my official lowest on program, I had lost 35 pounds. So, I’ve got at least 10 pounds to lose to match my lowest, but I’m going to strive to lose between 13-15. I’d love to lose 1-2 pounds per week.

So how am I doing? Great, and the thing about me on Weight Watchers is that, when I’m on program, I’m really on. I track every point, I exercise (even when I have to force myself) and if I’m being really good, I skip tempting situations altogether. I’m trying to have the perfect Weight Watchers week, and already today I’ve skipped out on a sushi lunch invitation and an invitation to meet up with friends at a bar that has a huge selection of non-64 calorie beer and free popcorn.

Things I turned down today

I’m still on track to have the perfect week – I’ve got workouts planned for Saturday and Sunday, some drinking/eating with friends tomorrow, going to see a play on Sunday (1001 at the Chopin theater, my friend Mouzam stars), then on to Whole Foods for sushi/drinks (our Whole Foods has a bar in it, OR the bar just has a really big grocery selection) and then swinging by Stanley’s to stock up on some reasonably priced fruits and veggies.

I weigh in officially on Tuesday, so here’s hoping I can keep up the self control over the weekend.

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