Dining Away from the Desk: Plan B

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Occasionally I have to eat at places other than my desk. For the most part, when I’m not dining at my desk, I eat dinners at home. I enjoy cooking, and preparing food in a kitchen with a stove, oven and variety of cooking utensils is preferable to chopping vegetables with a plastic butter knife on a paper plate “cutting board” at my desk.

Then there are the times that I don’t cook for myself and let someone else do it. A few weeks ago I met up with some friends at Plan B in Bucktown/Wicker Park on a Thursday. Their Thursday special is 1/2 price specialty burgers (normally $8.95) with the purchase of a beer or cocktail. Pitchers of Miller Lite are $6 on Thursdays, and I figured a pitcher had to count for “a beer,” leaving me free to be cheap and cash in on the 1/2 price burger deal.

Plan B has re-vamped its menu since the last time I was there, and now they make you fill out a mildly annoying scantron-esque menu that is clever enough, if not slightly confusing. Why must I mark my order on this menu, and what happens if I don’t have a number 2 pencil? How many fries did we order in total? I would prefer to tell someone my order in person, but we filled out the menu accordingly and submitted it to the bartender. Considering I exist on frozen meals and diet vittles during the day, I was extra starving by the time I got to the bar. I ordered the O Face burger – topped with cheddar, bacon, onion rings, finished with bbq sauce served on an onion challah bun (that’s their description, not mine), and split a side of their amazing fries ($2.95) with my friend.

Plan B O-Face Burger

Look at that thing! No wonder I can’t lose weight. I’m not usually impressed by the sight of a burger being served, but this was a burger to remember. It was the size of a small house, or at the very least, an old-people condo. That thing contained at least a half order of onion rings and a bun the size of a softball. The burger itself was cooked to perfection (although the others in my group were on the rare side), and stood out overall as the best burger I’ve had in awhile, and something I would definitely order again. In addition to this scrumptious burger, I would now like to talk openly about my love of Plan B fries. They are the best fries I’ve had in Chicago, hands down. Their little round shape is unique and fits nicely between my fingers, and their coating of parmesan and herbs is excellent. They are quite tasty, even without ketchup. With the exception of curly fries, these are my favorite fries of all time.

If you’re looking for a great deal on food and booze, I highly recommend going to Plan B. Their food is amazing, and their specials make it even better. One thing I would suggest to Plan B, in general: turn the music down. At the time, my friends and I were the only people in the bar, and when the DJ started up around 8, he shook the walls with Katy Perry mixes. I like Katy Perry as much as the next person, but I don’t like the absurdity of having to shout at my friends when we’re the only ones in the bar. I think you can be a great food and drinks bar, but not while you’re trying to be a dance club. Save the loud dance music for the later hours – the rest of us are trying to eat your awesome burgers and have a conversation.

Plan B is located at: 1635 N Milwaukee Ave | Chicago, IL 60647 | (773) 252-2680 | Menu

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  1. Brent says:


    I’ll have to try the burger next time. Looks yummy. Maybe I’ll split it with the wife.

  2. Katie says:

    I assume you’ll never split anything else with me.

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